Rubycon’s Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (Hybrid Type)

150ºC, High Ripple Current PLV Series

(Nagano, Japan: July 13, 2018) – Rubycon has added the surface-mount type “PLV” Series (1000h at 150ºC) to winding type conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor (hybrid type), while they have already launched various series of hi-voltage and high capacitance hybrid type capacitor such as surface-mount type “PEV” (10000h at 105ºC), “PFV” (4000h at 125ºC), “PHV” (4000h at 135ºC) and “PJV” (4000h at 125ºC, Miniaturized). Their hybrid products have contributed to miniaturization and long life of automotive equipment where high reliability is required Conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor (hybrid type) uses conductive polymer and unique functional liquid in combination so that it has much lower ESR and higher compatibility with ripple current than conventional non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor. In addition, it has excellent features that the frequency characteristics are stable up to the extremely low temperature range and ESR change with time at high temperature use is very small. In recent years, capacitors are required to have higher heat resistance due to the mounting of in-vehicle electrical components in the engine room and electromechanical integration. Therefore, we newly developed PLV series guaranteed at 150ºC for 1000 hours, which further improved the heat resistance of the hybrid type surface mount product PHV series guaranteed at 135ºC.


PLV series has achieved maximum working temperature of 150ºC while maintaining excellent characteristics of hybrid type and also achieved highest rated ripple current in 150ºC category by adopting new heat resistant materials and improved manufacturing method. In addition, it has moisture resistanceof 85 ºC 85% RH 2000hr. The capacitance per unit volume is about 1.2 to 2.4 times and the rated ripple current is about 7 to 11 times in comparison with our conventional 150ºC guaranteed automotive use aluminum electrolytic capacitor RX50 series (lead terminal type). PLV series can contribute greatly to downsizing in-vehicle equipment.

Major Specifications
Category temperature range-55ºC~+150ºC
Rated voltage25V~35V
Lifetime150ºC1000 hours
Humidity resistance85ºC85%RH 2000 hours
Specification comparison    
Volt.Cap.PLV seriesRX50 series
SizeRipple CurrentSizeRipple Current

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