In-House Testing
Warehouse Worker Scanning Barcode

NRC always conducts visual inspections on all parts, including comparing the product to the catalog spec, legibility of product markings, and quality of casings, reels and leads. At the customer’s request, NRC can test electrical characteristics such as dissipation and tolerance levels in our static-free testing environment. Further, NRC maintains a database of previous visual and electrical problems encountered during testing and their corrective actions.

EDI & Bar Coding
  • PO changes & acknowledgments
  • Invoices and payments
  • Planning schedules with releases
  • Advanced ship & billing notices
  • Receipt notifications
  • Shipping schedules
EDI Features & Benefits
  • Speeds transaction time & lowers cost
  • Process orders to cash & peripherals – JIT
  • Eliminates manual re-entry of data
  • Harbinger EDI system (ANSI X .12 stand)
  • Reduces paperwork and phone calls
  • Customize our system to your needs
  • Monitored by full-time EDI coordinator
  • Best shipping time: Forecast / MRP
  • Ensures accuracy of the order
  • Converts almost any other EDI
  • Track product: receiving to production
Bread-Man Program

Our Bread-man program is designed to meet our customer requirements by keeping available inventory close to the manufacturing lines. Whether its Taped & Reeled leaded devices, Pick & Place chip products, or even bulk components for hand insertion, we will maintain a min/max system of each component as mutually agreed upon.

This method also translates to an approximate 3% of the total annual cost savings.

On Site FAE (Field Application Engineer)
  •  Engineering support is provided by an experienced FAE: with full design experience


  • Technical assistance from initial concept to component selection, right on through to design/debug assistance and production manufacturing

In Plant Stores

The ‘In-Plant-Store’ concept generates the most significant cost savings of all of the programs. Cost savings generally equate to about 5% of the annual purchases. NRC would assume roles within the Customer that would normally be sponsored by the customer. Reduction of on hand inventory is responsible for approximately 3% of the total cost savings in acquired costs.

JIT Program

A full time on site representative of NRC would manage MRP issues, work with local engineers, sit in on meetings that might affect supply such as; project planning, engineering changes, schedule changes, etcetera.

Our experience has been each customer will see an immediate reduction in manpower overhead. Acquired costs tend to differ from account to account and it is difficult to measure the net worth of an on site employee because of the nature of the cost savings. Knowing in advance that a product is being rescheduled can save time, which translates to dollars when dealing with the Supply-Chain.

Part Standardization

It is conceivable to see a reduction of 10% or more in the number of AVL (Approved Vendor List) items, as well as a reduction of costs due to increases in volume & their associated volume discounts. This would also equate to a potential reduction in the total on-hand inventory. The cost savings are based on hidden costs and are difficult to extrapolate.

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