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In 1974, NRC Electronics opened up as a family-owned and operated, passive & electro-mechanical components distributorship. Three generations, and forty-nine years later, the original family still owns and operates the business. Servicing some of the top OEM names in the electronics industry today, NRC Electronics is a nationally recognized, full-service, ISO-certified distributor of passive & electro-mechanical parts, LEDs and critical, electronic components.

All of the hand-picked electronics manufacturers on NRC’s line card are franchised. NRC Electronics provides customized (value included) logistical, engineering and infrastructure support – from start to finish. At the same time, NRC also provides the perfect mix of available components inventory, to support (even) your toughest projects.

Navigate The Supply Chain with Confidence

1) On-demand Components 2) Time-tested Logistics 3) Proven Supply-chain
Infrastructure 4) Expert NRC Staff 5) Solid engineering resources

NRC Electronics offers a myriad of cost-saving alternatives and options.This includes a large variety of on-demand components and solutions that fully support & compliment OEM and Contractor builds and designs. In addition, NRC’s customized SQL software program “STAR” is there to meet your specific, customized needs and requirements. This includes design & component selection, quality manufacturing, procurement, forecasting (if required), product handling, storage, testing and customized shipping instructions.


NRC provides the perfect blend of associated, electronics components, to support the toughest of engineering design requirements. Utilizing years of engineering experience, NRC’s staff is always happy to answer pre-design questions and offer suggestions for all aspects of your application.  


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NRC Electronics, Inc.
6600 Park of Commerce Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL. 33487
Breaking Ground at NRC's Boca Facility
A historical moment in time: Breaking ground at NRC’s Corporate Facility

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