Newhaven Display International, Inc. Introduces the 7” BeagleBone Capes.

(Elgin, IL: March 27, 2017) – When paired with a BeagleBone Black board, the 7” BeagleBone Capes offer a streamlined approach to touch development. Capacitive 5-point multi-touch functionality is standard on these products, enabling the use of built-in touch functions when developing with operating systems like Android or Linux.

The Newhaven Display 7” BeagleBone Cape product line features three Capes. Each one is mounted to either a Standard, Premium, or Sunlight-Readable 7-inch Newhaven Display TFT and are designed for use with a BeagleBone Black board (created & sold separately by Engineered and assembled in Elgin, IL USA, these new Capes make display prototype developing easy for both current and aspiring BeagleBone users. The simple “plug and play” structure allows you to get right to development – even with Android or Linux operating systems.

The 7” BeagleBone Capes’ use of BeagleBone development technology means the user can utilize the BeagleBone community and open source resources to facilitate the design process. In addition to the BeagleBone community resources, Newhaven Display provides Operating System images (OS images) written specifically for use with the 7” Cape’s featured TFT display. The Capes also have a secondary Cape slot present to supplement your BeagleBone development with any other Capes you may need. The amazing BeagleBone community, along with these specially designed Capes, creates a realm of endless possibilities.

The new 7” BeagleBone Capes are paired with various Newhaven Display TFT options. The featured display options are an NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXL#-CTP, an NHD-7.0-800480EF-ASXV#-CTP, or an NHD-7.0-800480EF-ASXN#-CTP. These part numbers represent Newhaven Display’s Standard, Premium and Sunlight-Readable 7” TFT technology. All of the displays that come with these 7” BeagleBone Capes feature an 800×480 pixel resolution, 24-bit true color, as well as an integrated full-featured capacitive touch panel.

The sizable 7-inch display area on the TFT provides ample real-estate for touch interactivity. The capacitive touch panel that comes standard on the 7” BeagleBone Capes supports 5-point simultaneous touch input and gestural functionality. By integrating touch technology with the BeagleBone Black board, the user can take full advantage of the built-in touch capabilities of operating systems such as Linux or (especially) Android. This means you can begin touch-interfacing with the display in just a few steps by utilizing our available OS images designed specifically for these Capes. The TFT display and touch panel bring a lot of functionality to the 7” BeagleBone Capes, but the real power lies in the brilliant design of the Capes themselves.

The on-board hardware of the 7” BeagleBone Capes was designed to optimize usability with the BeagleBone Black. There are secondary headers to attach additional Capes if desired, enabling the expansion of the product development. Mounting the display is made easy by the four 3.5mm mounting holes compatible with standard M3 screws. A reset button is added allowing for easy access to BeagleBone Black’s reset function covered up by the Cape. There’s also on-board dip switch for configuring EEPROM – customize the memory however you see fit. A power LED indicator and write protection pins are integrated as well as PWM backlight control. These features make the 7” Capes an ideal companion to the BeagleBone Black.

Leave behind complicated development setups for a compact and powerful 7” BeagleBone Cape. It’s a high quality 7-inch Newhaven Display TFT together with a full-featured custom BeagleBone Cape in one neat package. Simply plug the Cape into your BeagleBone Black and open up the world of possibilities that awaits.

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