Wi2Wi announces Industry’s best in class ultra-low jitter and low power FC Series Quick Turn Programmable Clock Oscillators

(Toronto, Ontario: April 24, 2017) – Wi2Wi Corporation (“Wi2Wi” or the “Company”), a leading global developer and manufacturer of end to end Wireless Connectivity Solutions, high precision Frequency Control, Timing, and Microwave Filter devices, is pleased to announce a family of Programmable Clock Oscillators in FC (Fast Clock) Series, an Ultra-Low Power and Ultra Low -Jitter Fast Clock with proprietary programmable PLL technology. “We are very pleased to announce our new FC series of programmable oscillators, which further expands Wi2Wi’s frequency control and timing devices portfolio. This new product meets the most demanding technical requirements from the Avionics, Space, Medical and Military markets. We continue to develop the best in class family of products to satisfy the increasing demand from these market segments.” said Michael Sonnenreich, Chairman of the Board.

“We are excited about the release of the FC Series of Programmable Oscillators, which exceed our client industries most stringent performance requirements. We congratulate Barry Arneson, Vice President of Engineering and his Research and Development team for delivering such a rugged, reliable and robust product in such a short time. ” said Zachariah Mathews, President and CEO of Wi2Wi.

The FC series of oscillators, with Wi2Wi’s proprietary programmable PLL Technology, contains our client industries best features, performance and functionality. It can withstand the most extreme environment without compromising performance. Products from the FC series support various output types such as LVPECL, LVDS, and LVCMOS. Based on each customer’s applications and requirements, the FC series can be customized to any frequency between 10MHz and 1500 MHz for output types LVPECL and LVDS. And, for output type LVCMOS, the frequencies can be customised from 10MHz to 250MHz. The FC Series provides less than 600 Femtosecond Jitter performance (12 kHz to 20MHz), at less than 200mW power dissipation which makes this series the best in class for performance, functionality and reliability.

The FC Series is available in three different surface mount packaging options; FC3, FC5, FC7 and in various operating temperature grades including MIL temperature grade -55°C to +125°C.

Samples and production units are readily available. The FC Series can be customized based on the customer’s technical requirements and samples can be shipped in 2 to 5 working days.

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