KEMET Introduces ARCSCHIELD&tm; Technology for High Voltage Commercial & Automotive Applications

(May 21, 2015) -

The phenomenon of surface arcing is caused by a high voltage gradient between the two termination surfaces or between one of the termination surfaces and the counter internal electrode structure within the ceramic body. It occurs most frequently at application voltages that meet or exceed 500V, in high humidity environments, and in chip sizes with minimal bandwidth separation (creepage distance). This phenomenon can either damage surrounding components or lead to a breakdown of the dielectric material, ultimately resulting in a short-circuit condition (catastrophic failure mode).

ArcShield Technology (Patent Pending) features KEMET's highly reliable base metal dielectric system combined with a unique internal shield electrode structure designed to suppress an arc-over event while increasing available capacitance. Developed on the principle of a partial Faraday cage, this internal system offers unrivaled performance and reliability when compared to external surface coating technologies.

For added reliability, KEMET's Flexible Termination technology is an available option that provides superior flex performance over standard termination systems. This technology was developed to address flex cracks, which are the primary failure mode of MLCCs and typically the result of excessive tensile and shear stresses produced during board flexure and thermal cycling. Flexible Termination technology inhibits the transfer of board stress to the rigid body of the MLCC, therefore mitigating flex cracks which can result in low IR or short circuit failures.

KEMET's ArcShield high voltage surface mount MLCCs are manufactured in state of the art ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified facilities and are also available in automotive grade, which undergo stricter testing protocol and inspection criteria. Whether under-hood or in-cabin, these devices are designed for mission and safety-critical automotive circuits or applications requiring proven, reliable performance in harsh environments. Automotive grade devices meet the demanding Automotive Electronics Council's AEC-Q200 qualification requirements.

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