American Zettler’s AZ2280 power relay in R290 refrigeration application

(Aliso Viejo, CA: February 12, 2018) –┬áThe trend in cooling applications away from refrigerants like R134a towards products like R290 continues at a fast pace. Propane-based refrigerants provide many advantages with respect to the environment, but with the significant caveat that propane is flammable. This presents challenges when using R290 around electronics.

A major player in the refrigerated vending machine industry approached American Zettler for a relay to be used in their propane-based systems. An IP67 certified seal provides engineers the safety they need to meet regulatory requirements in this application. In addition to adequate sealing, though, the relay also needed to have the flexibility to switch multiple load types.

The AZ2280 was an easy solution. With a wide range of UL ratings from general use to motor load to resistive, the workhorse AZ2280 can switch virtually any load a vending machine or refrigerated display case might require.

With an industry standard footprint, rugged Class F construction, and a 40A@277VAC rated contact, the IP67-rated AZ2280 can be used in an unlimited number of applications.

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