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NRC Presents LED Engin's LuxiGenTM Platform for
High-power, Custom-built, Compact LED Emitters
LEDs are used as light sources in many different applications, all of which have their own requirements. Not all of them target traditional uses of light. As LEDs are incorporated in emerging technologies such as those in medical devices, sensors, machine vision, 3D printing, UV curing and other specialty applications, there is demand for different LEDs with specific attributes to be used together, sometimes in very compact designs. This requirement poses a challenge to the LED light source designers and an opportunity for LED Engin to support. Most LED manufacturers are setup for mass assembly of standard products, typically single-die LEDs or multi-die arrays or CoBs of a certain kind. When the application requires mixed spectrum, multi-die light sources, many design considerations come into play. Multi-die arrays do not usually have a small light emitting surface (LES) while co-packaged small LES multi-die LEDs typically don’t exceed 4 dies. Level 2 assemblies using packaged LEDs from different manufacturers are available but present their own complexity of design as each supplier’s packaging is slightly different. All of these issues are addressed by using a single substrate, multi-die, mixed spectrum, small LES, custom emitter from LED Engin.

Customer Benefits

The LuxiGennTMMPlatform provides designers and engineers the building blocks to create seamless lighting experiences with high power density designs. From innovative architectural spaces to specialty curing and industrial lighting sources, our customers achieve several advantages by working with our LuxiGen Platform::

  • 1) Gain access to the most advanced high-power LED packaging technology, emitters, and modules.1) Gain access to the most advanced high-power LED packaging technology, emitters, and modules.
  • 2) Achieve record product development time and accelerate their time to market through close collaboration with LED Engin's fast-moving and highly talented technical team that supports customers as top priority.
  • 3) Realize system level gains by designing SSL products with LED Engin recommended solutions.


Innovation starts with our LuxiGen platform. The remarkably powerful output from our small packaged light sources allows for freedom of design wherever high-flux density, directional light is required. With secondary optics specifically designed for our light sources, LED Engin aims to enable different lighting applications with their unique needs.



  • Architectural
  • Entertainment
  • High End Interior
  • Horticulture
  • Human Centric Lighting
  • Custom
LED Engin is uniquely positioned for custom level 1 and level 2 LED solutions. The LuxiGenTM platform of LED emitters have been deployed in many niche applications - from light sources for dental wands to medical equipment, from industrial lighting for breweries to industrial devices for auto wheel alignment, from chandeliers in historical buildings to planetarium projectors. Customization enables the design flexibility that these applications demand and that most manufacturers of LEDs cannot support. In addition to our standard products, LED Engin offers custom color options tailored to specific needs and applications.

* Full range of color options from UV 365nm to Infrared 940nm, white CCTs and phosphor-based specialty colors
* Various power packages from 1 to 25 dies in a single high-power density ceramic package
* Ability to customize spectrum in a single emitter
* Primary optics options
*Applications support

More Advantages of the LuxiGenTM Emitter Platform
The biggest benefit of the LuxiGen platform is that it can help luminaire designers develop directional lighting fixtures which are small in size, support narrow beam angles, yet are high in light output, all of which translates into longer distances illuminated. This advantage stems from the high thermal conductivity or low thermal resistance of the substrate across the various different LZx emitters. At a system level, this implies that a fixture designed with LuxiGen emitters can either have a smaller heatsink for the same light output as a fixture designed with LEDs from another LED supplier or provide a higher light output for the same size of heatsink in comparison.  Another advantage of the LuxiGen platform is that LEDs of different wavelengths can be integrated into a single small foot print package. This mechanical arrangement can reduce the complexity of the secondary optical system, as the primary optics directs the light output in a unified direction with almost identical light beam field of view (FOV) angle. So beam forming, color mixing, beam directional control and zooming can all be accomplished by using the same optical components for all the wavelengths. This usually results in a more compact optical system and resulting fixture .
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