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Yageo Announces Sulfer Resistant Chip-Resistor Arrays
Yageo has developed sulfur resistant single AF resistors, and further introduced 4-pin, 2-resistor (0402 x 2) arrays and 8 pin, 4-resistor (0402 x 4) arrays to meet an increasing market demand. Yageo utilizes a special material in the inner electrode with the alteration of the resistor structure, which improves the sulfur resistant capability. Applications for AF122 and 124 series include DRAM module, HDD , consumer electronics, industrial equipment controls, high-end computers and mining. The AF arrays provides time saving in pick and place and circuit board space-saving advantages that effectively address our customer's needs. AF122 and 124 series offers stable and reliable performance in a wide variety of environments including those with high level of sulfur.  MORE

NRC's Full Line of Samsung LEDs
NRC is proud to offer a fully stocked lineup of Samsung's most popular LED products. High power products include the popular ceramic 3535 series. LED arrays are available in 8 to 40 Watts in the HVDC series, and 3W for the HVAC series (no external power supply needed).

The mid-power 2323 series  of LEDS offers the most lumens per dollar on the market. Rounding out the mid power offering, are the 5252 and 5630 series. Samsung also has light engines, including 25W modular IP66 solution, linear, circular and panel designs, and down light engines.

AVX's New Board-To-Board Compression Connectors
Provides 5,000-Cycle Durability & The Lowest
Compressed Height Available
High-reliability board-to-board compression connectors for commercial, medical, and harsh industrial applications with the addition of an ultra-low-profile power connector.

Featuring gold-plated beryllium copper (BeCu) contacts that are insert-molded within the insulator for location and mechanical stability, the new 9155-100 Series connectors are capable of supporting the lowest compressed height (1.3mm) of any comparable connector currently on the market

AVX's Thin-Film 10W 3dB Directional Couplers
Smallest on the Market
Utilizing Land Grid Array (LGA) packaging technology, AVX's new couplers feature an inherently low profile, low parasitics, excellent solderability, and improved heat dissipation.

Based on AVX's proven thin-film technology, the new 0603 3dB couplers exhibit excellent high-frequency performance in ranges spanning 800-6,000MHz and are currently unique in their ability to provide 10W continuous power handling.

YAGEO's Featured Product

Automotive Grade Thick Film Chip Resistors

FAE series is a single component capable of performing two functions. This wirewound resistor acts both as a regular resistor, and as a fuse when an abnormal current is received. It offers space saving and a cost advantage, and is specifically designed to meet customer's requirements.

- Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
- MSL class: MSL 1
- Automotive quality level (PPB)
- TS 16949 compliant
- Rated power at 70 Deg C: 1/16W to 1W
- Moisture resistance MIL-STD-202: 106
- 100% Auto Pre-tape optical inspection
- Load life stability 1,000 hours: 125 Deg C
- FOS test: ASTM-B-809-95
- Lead-free terminations - RoHS
- Halogen-free epoxy

New Yageo Products Data Sheet

KEMET Introduces ArcShield Technology
For High Voltage Commercial & Automotive Applications
KEMET and the Ceramic Business Unit (CBG) are pleased to Introduce ArcShield Technology For High Voltage Commercial And Automotive Applications. ArcShield high voltage surface mount capacitors in X7R Dielectric are designed for use in high voltage applications susceptible to surface arcing (arc-over discharge). More

NRC's Featured Products...
Stackpole's Single & Multi-Layer Varistors

Single layer varistors and multilayer varistors both use zinc oxide crystal grains as their base material. Standard single layer disc and high energy varistors are produced by dry powder pressing technology. As the name indicates, there is only one, relatively thick, monolithic layer between the external electrodes. This feature allows single layer varistors to withstand much higher surge currents and can dissipate more energy compared to multilayer varistors. Typically rated peak single currents for high energy ZOV varistor series achieve values of up to 80KA and can dissipate around 4KJ of energy without failure. Single layer varistor applications include protection for communications and network equipment, white goods, lighting ballasts, motor protection and controls, surge protected outlets, distribution panels, phone line protection, power supplies, and elevators / escalator motors and controls.

Rotary Dip Switch Offers IP67 Seal Protection In Small Size
MINNEAPOLIS, MN --- E-Switch announces the 500R series slide switch. This small switch offers IP67 sealing protection and comes in up to 3 positions. You can choose between on-off-on, and on-none-on options. You also have a choice between SPDT and DPDT switch functions. This slide switch offers you either right angle or thru-hole termination options as well. It comes standard with gold contacts and an epoxy seal.

Kemet Announces Industry's First Tantalum Polymer Cots
KEMET Corporation has introduced new technologies targeted for high- reliability solutions in industries such as military, aerospace, and the medical arena. These technologies allow KEMET to provide the highest- reliability capacitors with high breakdown voltage resistance as well as stable and low DC leakage current. For more information about these products, please click here


Coto Introduces Miniature Vertical SIP Relay
Coto Technology has introduced the 9117 Series miniature vertical SIP reed relay. The 9117 is a 1A version of Coto's popular 9011 series, reconfigured as a vertical SIP to reduce the amount of board space required for each relay. The raised height allows for a reduction in width, thus producing a smaller footprint with pins on a 0.06" pitch grid.

UCC Announces Full Recovery from Eastern Japan Great Earthquake FINAL REPORT

Please find attached the Final Installment of our Executive Managing Director, Noriaki Kakizak's weekly reports concerning Nippon Chemi-Con's recovery status since the March 11, 2011 disaster in Japan. We are back at 100% pre-quake operational capacity at all of our facilities including major etching operations at Takahagi, Japan. More


PUI Audio's Programmable Indicator

PUI Audio is proud to announce a new programmable indicator that allows users to program up to 30 seconds of any WAV or MP3 file via USB from a computer. With the flexibility of programming sounds, people are no longer required to listen to the standard beeps, buzzes or alarm signals. The programmable indicator allows users to give voice instructions along with a warning signal or a unique tone if multiple warning devices are used in the same area. More


E-Switch Announces Fully Illuminated Internally Sealed Power Rocker Switch

E-Switch's RBW2 series IP66 rated, internally sealed 22mm x 30mm rocker switch allows for full illumination options using patented sealing technology! More


American Zettler Enters the U.S. Solar Energy Relay Market
After becoming the number one supplier in sales volume in the European solar energy industry, the largest solar market in the world, American Zettler, Inc. is launching a line of relays specifically designed for the U.S. market. Each of the relays in the new solar line is designed to meet UL and VDE standards. More

NRC Receives Tyco Fire & Safety's Annual "Global Suppliers Day" Award
Boca Raton, FL: NRC Electronics announced the reception of Tyco Fire & Safety's coveted "Global Supplier Day Award" - for providing excellent service and superior quality - over a very long period of time. More

Kemet's Alternative Energy Capacitors
Kemet's broad portfolio of capacitors addresse wind, solar (Photovoltaic & Thermal), geothermal, tidal & electric drive applications.The existing product line contains 95% of all possible capacitance solutions. Local technical support, in addition to custom or off-the-shelf solutions are also available. NRC's pricing & service can be found. Here